RPG’s Of Yesteryear: Bard’s Tale

thebardstaleI decided once in awhile I am going to pay homage to RPG’s of yesteryear. Without RPG’s I don’t think we would have MMORPG’s..we would just have Second Life.

My first RPG I will be paying homage to is Bards Tale. It was made by Electronic Arts. I played it on the Commodore 64.

“The song I sing
Will tell the tale
of a cold and wintery day;
Of castle walls
And torchlit halls
And a price men had to pay.
When evil fled
And brave men bled
The Dark one came to stay,
Till men of old
For blood and gold
Had rescued Skara Brae”


The Bard would sing in the opening of the Bard’s Tale. Poor Skara Brae trapped in a spell of eternal winter. I remember seeing the 3D town as you walked about it. Seeing animated Enemy portraits.  I use to spend hours mapping dungeons on graph paper, committing 4 letter spells to memory so I wouldn’t have to look them up.  I remember staying up until the wee hours of the evening to get to the next part of the dungeon.

They say you never forget your first, well I’ll never forget my first RPG. Bard’s Tale.

9 Responses to “RPG’s Of Yesteryear: Bard’s Tale”

  1. Bard’s Tale rocked! But my first was Ultima IV.

  2. I loved Bard’s Tail! It was a great porn… Oh, Batd’s Tale my bad, never heard of it.

    I was a Might and Magic lova

  3. Bard’s Tale was my first as well. I played it on an Apple II with one of those green screen monitors. I actually still have the original packaging and game for all three Bard’s Tale games, unfortunately I don’t think the disks are still readable. If you want to really go down memory lane you can play it via DosBox, check out http://www.bardstaleonline.com/.

  4. I remember Dark Sun very fondly.

  5. Fred Fnord Says:


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