Mage Stat: Spell Hit Rating.

towelieSpellpower is probably your biggest stat to get. The other stat is Hit Rating to Cap. But with all the respeccing, and gear changes sometimes we mages forget what that cap is.

This is from Elitist Jerks, and you can’t get no simpler then this.

“The hit cap for raid bosses(skull mobs) is 17%. With 17% you will have a zero chance to miss. There used to be a 1% chance to miss that you could never circumvent, but this is no longer the case. You can now achieve 100% hit rates.

Common Hit “Goals” (always rounded up)
17% – 446 Hit rating
14% – 368 Hit rating
11% – 289 Hit rating
8% – 210 Hit rating

1% of Hit is equal to 26.232 hit rating

It’s pretty easy to figure out how much hit you need. Check your talents, subtract that from 17, do you have a shadow priest or balance druid providing a debuff? Subtract that. Viola! The rest is what you need from gear/gems/food.”

So I’m Arcane Spec I get 6% from Talents, I usually have a Draenei in the group so that’s 1% I can knock off, though I can’t count on shadow priests and or balance druids doing the raid debuff,  so I would shoot for about 263 .

5 Responses to “Mage Stat: Spell Hit Rating.”

  1. Screw all this WoW crap! How about you blog about some Mario Kart or something?

    • COME BACK TO WOW, and SHUT UP. I’m on Azgalor. Pay 50 bucks and get your Warlock here, slacker.

      • I think I’ll pass. I wasted 40 bucks on the last expansion for nothing. Not about to do that again. Too bad you don’t have Xbox live, or I could whoop your ass in some NCAA Football.

  2. Two words…GO BLUE!

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