I survived Barrens Chat.

unclesamAhh if you played horde side on any server then you know the joy of Barrens Chat. The joy of such wisdom, as  “Your mother is a tranny whore”, or ” Go F*$k Yourself!”   I think it was Westfall that was so much fun for Alliance side. But Barrens Chat is legendary in fact there’s a Tshirt.

Oh WAR had some really good gems, but now it seems Aion is keeping up the tradition. As I read my guildies playing Aion tell me that the general chat is horrendous. I read Frank’s Post about it.

Is this something new though? Are we ever going to have a game where the general chat isn’t filled with Anal [Whatever], We ever going to log on and discuss the discourses of Socrates, and it’s real world applications of today, No I really don’t think so.

I don’t think there’s much you can do but to turn it off, and  to be honest sometimes I find it funny it so over the top, but for now I think Penny Arcade summed it up best.  

Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Dickwad.

2 Responses to “I survived Barrens Chat.”

  1. The good old Internet Dickwad Theory…. oh yeah that’s not going anywhere any time soon heh.

  2. While there are dickwads in nearly every game, most of the smaller games have less of a Barrens Chat problem. For example, I can’t remember ever hearing a Chuck Norris joke in LoTRO. I don’t know if it is just the server I’m on or I’ve just been lucky. Eve and Champions are both pretty decent as well. So far WoW, War, and Aion are the only games where I’ve ever had to shutoff most/all of the chat channels. I think there should be some adjustments to the PA formula that include the size of the game and the IP the game is based on.

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