Baby got Back!

sir-mix-a-lot-baby-got-backNo I don’t have Back, ok a little. I am back though. I had wonderful fun in Disney. The thing that impresses me is their attention to detail. I think thats why I enjoy World of Warcraft, it’s the little things that impress me. Like the Haunted Mansion, one of my favorite rides leading up to the ride theres hoof prints on the road, and gravestones and other little things they don’t need, but put in there to make the ride more realistic, and enjoyable. The little things. Like the way Blizz puts certain painting in Scarlet Monastary, or the dialogue of certain bosses. Little details like this make a more enjoyable game.

I think thats why WAR isn’t making it, it’s the little things they are getting wrong, but the overall concept I enjoyed alot.¬†

I am pleased to hear TOR is accepting names for the Beta, I really hope to get in. Maybe someone that works for Bioware reads my blog..*wink**wink*.

Well now it’s back to the grind. WoW I need badges to get a set of rogue gear. I’m thinking Worgen Rogue would be awesome. I was going to go with a Worgen Warrior, but I feel if I create one Tank, why create another? Now my Dranei Pally, Even¬†Gnome boy’s gotta shout…Baby Got Back!

One Response to “Baby got Back!”

  1. Hum..funny.. I think the exact opposite way. For me WAR is getting the small details right and WoW doesn’t..

    Well.. perception is a tricky beast ;)

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