Farewell to the Horde.

I wanted to post this because I made a decision. I am committed to having a Worgen in Cataclysm the new expansion. So it’s time to make a change. Find a new home, and prepare myself.  

I have been on Garona since day one. I actually started with a Pallie, now those were rough days. Then when BG’s came out, we switched to Horde. I was a Warrior. My Guild took a break. I then with some friends went to Thunderlord, and started my mage, after a while i missed my friends on Garona. I went back. I have been a part of some awesome guilds on Garona, Phoenix Acsension, Oppress, and latest Blight.

When I think of Blight there’s some names I’m gonna miss. I’m not gonna name them, because it would take a day and a half, and I know I would leave someone out. Stoopid Whiskey dead brain cells.  They were all douchebags, but you know what they were my douchebags.

So why am I leaving if I care about them so…well I have issues. LOL! I like to wander around, they haven’t stopped being my friends, but I have other friends I have to go see now. Will my new Alliance mage go to Thunderlord to visit old friends, or accept the invite to Azgalor and meet some new ones. I don’t know yet. In real life thats what I do, I don’t stay in one place all night, I bar hop. Why should in the virtual world I be any different. It’s not that I don’t like the friends I left, or like them any less. It’s I like my other friends just as much, and want to spend some time with them as well.

Also I want to be on a PvP server again, I want to blast some fools.

Am I done with Garona, and the Horde. No let’s just say I have a toon there that has enough gold to last him a bit. It has always been my home server, and always will.  ;)  Plus I love the Forsaken.

Horde on Garona have been very good to me, and I just wanted to say bye, and thank you.

3 Responses to “Farewell to the Horde.”

  1. “Come with me if you want to LIVE!!”

    • Well lets just say the pally is a little higher level :P 43 to be exact. As for the 80 mage, i dunno. You guys like to raid, and in this conjucture in time I just don’t got that time.

  2. Embrace the shadows…
    I think I’ll be the last Hordie hold out until the Cataclysm heh.

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