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Weekly Lagout

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2 minutes to midnight, so technically it is still Friday.  Rough day personally, but I won’t bring anyone down.

I want to share this. To say I have a crush on Felicia Day would be an understatement. I want to shave my head, dress up in Buddhist robes, and be her disciple.

This video is why…

Seriously though I love Felicia, I love The Guild, followed it since day one.

Give them some HLL love at

The Guild

My Ping Sucks, I’m Outta Here

SW:TOR – Way of the Sith

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Darth_Revan_4773c4f4d54b3Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
The Sith Code

Over at Gamespot they did a Q&Aat Bioware. And some of my brethren bloggers are divided on how they feel about this.

I think the biggest source of conflict is Sith being merciful, or doing acts of goodness. Since this is a class I am going to play, I find it interesting that it is more the one dimensional of killing.

I look at the code of Sith, and no where it says to kill everything in sight. Sure the methods are ruthless, and heavy handed. But Sith are not animals, nor are they barbaric.

Let us examine the Sith for a minute. The Sith are not mirror images of Jedi. Sometimes they are more similar to them then Jedi would like to admit.  The difference lies in how the Sith and Jedi attain their goals. The Sith like the Jedi are trying to attain perfection, through power, through victory. Victory over ones enemies, but not the wholesale devastation of everything around them. If Darth Sidious killed everything around him he would not have an empire to lead would he?

Why can’t I let someone live if they serve no purpose? Why can I not let one live, and show mercy if it fits into my plan to later use them to my benefit? Why can I not feed the young to make them earn my trust, and have them fight for me?  Good and Evil are a point of view. To a Sith’s view compassion is a tool to be used to achieve ones goals. Sure more then likely if you are an obstacle, your a dead man and there will be no compassion for you.  The ultimate goal of the Sith is to free oneself from restrictions, to be free through power, and strength.

In terms of this game, I am excited that Bioware is trying something different, and doesn’t want to make one dimensional characters to try to inject story into a MMORPG. The more I read about it, the more hyped I’m getting. Which I know I got burnedbefore.  In World of Warcraft I saw inkling of these types of things with the Death Knight quest line, I wish they went further, gave you more choice, and consequence.

I think if Bioware pulls off what they are telling us, I think were in for a great game.

PvP: Hate-filled

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That was my signature when I played Aliens vs Predator 2. Its a sort of a play on the word River. I came from FPS’s so I thrive on competition. I enjoy PvE alot don’t get me wrong. I really like PvP. I am not hardcore PvP, I just enjoy it immensely. So much so I have to watch out and not overdue it.  If you saw me PvP, you would hear epitaphs of rage, and liturgies of hate that would make your ears burn , and the devil himself blush.

Why do I develop such hate, well it stems from aggravation, then it turns into rage, then blossoms into delicious blind hate. It also keeps me going, especially in grind type situations.

In DAOC I played a Cleric, a Healer, yeah not much of a killer. But I got off on keeping the killers alive enough to kill my foes. To watch them fall before my brethren. I hated those that dwelled in Hiberia, or the Hibbies. Alot of them had stuns, and could chain stun/mez.  This aggravated me so much, that it turned to seething hate.

From there World of Warcraft. I played as a Warrior, and a Mage.  Back in the day a Orc Protection Warrior was most susceptible to Mages, Sheeping me, kiting me, and POM/AP/Pyro me….. Most Mages were Gnomes on Alliance side, and there was one in particular. His name Global. I hated him so much he was kill on sight, or try to kill. Thus my hatred for all things Gnomish began, plus their so cutesy. I hate cute. .

Then I became a Forsaken Mage. Druids weren’t on good ground to begin with because it reminded me of those damn Hibbies. Wait I can’t polymorph a druid, and they can break out of being frozen. The rage could not be contained, and yet again bear form, kinda cutesy. Death to Druids!!! 

In Warhammer Online, I played a Chaos Chosen. I hated Dwarven Runepriests alot, but then they realeased the Knight class for Order.  My hate knew no bounds. These were a mirror class of the Chosen, but they were better, had some better skills. Yea I was peeved.

As we face the future. In Star Trek, I will be playing a Klingon, to blast apart Federation dishonorable curs, and in  Star Wars: The Old Republic. I really hope to release all my hate as a Sith, and have it make me powerful.

Yeah I most likely have issues, and my hate will one day consume me, but until that day. I’ll be gunning for you.

WoW: Best Guesstimate.

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I was thinking about the story line of World Of Warcraft, and I am a bit of a lore enthusiast. Not as hardcore lore lover as some. I was thinking I better get my thoughts down, so in the future I could tell everyone I told you so….or in the future allow everyone to look back and go. Man Riv, your an idiot.

The latter usually happens.

Well I think, In the future of World of Warcraft. I believe that the Old Gods will come back, and that the greater of evils will make Arthas see the light sort of and make a return to “good” so to speak, maybe not good but see that if the Old Gods are not destroyed they will destroy all of Azeroth.

Thus it will force everyone to band together, Horde, Alliance, and Scourge to destroy this new evil.  Ch’thun, Yogg Saron, I think these are just heralds of what is to come. I think Sargeras may even come back.

WoW: One Stop Shopping!

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Blizz all these new class combinations rumored to be coming out, some i like, other are meh.  I humbly ask you for one request.

Gnome Druids……I hate Gnomes, and I hate Druids. To kill these would send me to orgiastic orgasmic happiness untold of in MMO’s

Thank you.  That is all.


WoW: So you want to be a Raider?

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I’ve been thinking about Raiding seriously again. Why? Well not for the loot, for the camaraderie that comes from fighting a foe and overcoming him. I miss the teamwork, a well oiled machine of a guild hitting on pistons. I was thinking to I still have what it takes to be a Hardcore Raider still, and where in the future of WoW is the Hardcore Raider.  Mind you, it has been awhile since I raided hardcore, I mean I lived in Blackwing Lair, and Molten Core before Burning Crusade came out.  Do I still have what it takes? I know some of you look at another persons gear in a raiding guild and go, holy poop wish I had that stuff.  Well you want the pretty Professor Plums, you need to work, and dedicate yourself. Here’s a list of things I feel I need to be a successful Raider, and in my opinion these are things every Raider needs. 

1. Time – Back in the day I spent 5 out of the 7 days raiding, now it seems like most guilds do it 3 or 4 days. Still a lofty commitment. Lets say you Raid 3 days, from 7pm to 11pm, that’s 12 hours of raiding a week, heck that’s almost a part time job.  You also need Time to grind out gold, for supplies (pots, food, repairs, etc). Lot easier these days with Dailies, Heck I remember farming Tyr’s hand for hours cause it dropped good coin.

2. Patience – When your dealing with 24 other people, your going to have issues arise, things happen, and sometimes crap just hits the proverbial fan. Your going to need alot of patience sometimes. I remember when we were first attempting Razorgore in BWL, to get everyone on the same page at the start of the run, took time. I remember just sitting there reading a magazine waiting for the raid leader giving the ready command.

3. Gold – Your going to need it, as I said earlier your going to need the time to farm it. Also work those trades, whether it be mining, or making cloth. Gold is the lifeblood of the Raider. You need it not only for supplies such as Flasks, and Buff Food. You need it for Gems, and Enchants.

4. Be prepared – MAKE SURE YOU GET REAGENTS BEFORE THE RAID!  If you don’t I will scream at you myself. Raids are scheduled things, so you KNOW when their going to happen. Hell do it the night before if you have to. Also have your equipment gemmed right, and enchanted right.  We all understand if you don’t have enough gold to buy the best, but try to buy the best you can afford.  Have your pots, have your food ready as well.

5. Teamwork – In a Raid we all have our part to play. The best Raiders, take direction well, and can follow commands.  If your supposed to be at spot A, and then at Phase 2 your supposed to be at Spot B.  Well for crying out loud you better be there, because if you screw up your letting 24 other people down.

6. Know your role – You don’t have to be the biggest theorycrafter in the world, but if you know For example, Frost Mage Spec isn’t good for raids, then don’t do it. You might say, well I like raiding as Frost, hey I’m sure pitchers would like to pitch in a lazyboy recliner. For the Team sacrifices must be made.  The great thing now is there is dual spec, so stay frost for your putzing about, but damn it when were facing Hodir I better see flame shooting out your arse.

7. Last but never least, Have some fun. Joke around. Never take yourself or others too seriously. Some Raiders do, It’s just a game. Your going to die, and fail alot. Some days you bite the bear, and others the bear bites you. So have a good attitude, and enjoy the company of your teammates.

If you can think of anything else that makes a good Raider feel free to add to my little list.

General Gaming: The Gender War!

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Men we are losing the Gender War in gaming.  Slowly losing ground to the Female of our species, and worse to Homosexuals. We need to tighten our reins, and bring in the situation. Remember if they are bad at doing something within a game, they are a woman, gay, fag or a homo. Please do not refrain from calling them thus.

If you see a women dps, please tell her to delete, and reroll a healer. If you see a guy healer, and he isn’t doing his job make sure to call him a fag, because obviously they are weaker then you, and must like the same sex.

Of course I am being facetious.  Penny Arcade was talking about this campaign, it also got me thinking. It’s like those drug campaigns, I don’t think it’s going to stop anyone from calling someone a homo. I don’t think this is a gaming issue, I think it’s a society in general issue. Even though I have gay friends, and women friends I still slip and revert to Uber Male mode, and shall endeavor to strive for better.  I think my role models like John Wayne would frown on how some of these young men, myself included treat other people.

I want to make it clear though, this post is not for or against homosexuality. I have my own views, but they are my own, and will stay that way.I am against people being disrespectful, and jerks to one another for stupid reasons. That’s what this post is about, that’s what I’m against.    

As Gabe, and Tycho realize that this is a noble endeavor. I don’t think they are up to the task. I will help spread awareness, and try to act a little bit more honorable. I also think though the world is not about what is right or fair, it is up to us to make it so, even though that fight is a losing one.  To be a Man takes more then having a penis, and one must do what is right, because it is right, and not because it is popular, or you get some reward.  To be a person that stands up for what is right, must extend into everything we do. I wouldn’t go up to a person in a bar I hardly know, and call him a fag, I shouldn’t do it over Ventrilo either. That’s the problem with the internet, it is not a license to act like a jerk off.

Champions Online: The Installation.

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Well I downloaded Champions Online, which from hence forth be called CO.  It went kind of smooth. I started it up, and just a little box was there that said Updating Client (It was something to that effect, not exactly). I sat there, and sat there. Nothing, Finally I had to walk away, and actually go to work.  So it got off to a rough start. After work, I’ll take a look at it. 

I’ve heard some things on the rumor mill about CO, and not too good either. I won’t state them until I checked it out myself. I like to give the benefit of the doubt.


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This is wierd, a gaming news service, takes my blogs, and regurgitates them. They do link to my site, and give me. I guess it give me more exposure. But I don’t know quite what to think of them yet. I’ll play along because really they could do it without even contacting me, but they did. So we’ll see how it goes.

<a name=”4771762995″></a>

Check them out.

I appreciate anyone’s thoughts on these type of things. Thanks.

Weekly Lagout

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Well geez it’s Friday, already….Some interesting things happened this week. I got ripped about my lack of grammar, made me cry. Oh wait no it didn’t.  Funny thing is one of my best friends is a English Professor, and she rips on me all the time. So go ahead make fun of my lack of grammar, and spelling mistakes. Immune to that sort of stuff. Make fun of my love of Fraggle Rock, then it’s go time.

Douchebag Award.

Goes to the guy who runs a certain website, who I am not going to give him the priviledge to link. He blatantly ripped off from my blogsite, and alot more blogsites, better then mine.  I felt kind of honored on some level that my stuff was worthy to steal, even with the bad grammar.  Though in the long run, this guy is just a tool, and a douche. He’ll get his. I know my way around computers, only been working on them for oh 22 years, hell I use to program Vic-20′s…yeah I’m that old.  *cough* DDOS *cough*


I got a dragon, the red one from Wyrmrest. Yea I bought it. Yea I feel like a sell out, but I still want my proto-drake.  Onyxia is coming back. I liked her, but I wasn’t in love with her like some people. I was a bigger fan of Ragnaros.  I got my 8.5 chest from collecting badges, I’m an Arcane Mage though…Itemization for Arcane Mages…not so good.


Alot of changes in keeps, and city sieges. I may just be back there yet.

Other MMO’s

Ok I signed up for Champions Online Open Beta. I’m going to check it out. I was looking at all the powers, some cool stuff. I really don’t know what type of hero I want.  I use to play Marvel Heroes Role Playing Game when I was younger, and I remember some of my heroes but in retrospect they were all ripoffs of cooler heroes.   Some of my favorite heroes were, Spiderman, Hulk, and Thor. So I really don’t know where that leaves me with Champions. A Ninja type toon would be cool too.

The Culling:

I deleted some Blogs that haven’t updated in awhile from my ever expansive blogroll. If I deleted yours erroneously, or if you have a blog you want on there let me know. I’ll be happy to toss it on there.

Some Love:

Goes to Bootae for showing me the douchebag, and in general this guy writes real well. Me Riv Grammar not so good, His Good. LOL!  Well go visit him, good funny writer, and show him some High Latency Love Damn it! 

Funny of the Week -

I love me some Monty Python…Romanes Eunt Domus!

Life of Brian Clip

Another Video Clip – Just a Cool as hell looking movie coming out. I am excited like a mofo for it

Ninja Assassin.

Well that does it for me…



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