Weekly Lagout

Well geez it’s Friday, already….Some interesting things happened this week. I got ripped about my lack of grammar, made me cry. Oh wait no it didn’t.  Funny thing is one of my best friends is a English Professor, and she rips on me all the time. So go ahead make fun of my lack of grammar, and spelling mistakes. Immune to that sort of stuff. Make fun of my love of Fraggle Rock, then it’s go time.

Douchebag Award.

Goes to the guy who runs a certain website, who I am not going to give him the priviledge to link. He blatantly ripped off from my blogsite, and alot more blogsites, better then mine.  I felt kind of honored on some level that my stuff was worthy to steal, even with the bad grammar.  Though in the long run, this guy is just a tool, and a douche. He’ll get his. I know my way around computers, only been working on them for oh 22 years, hell I use to program Vic-20′s…yeah I’m that old.  *cough* DDOS *cough*


I got a dragon, the red one from Wyrmrest. Yea I bought it. Yea I feel like a sell out, but I still want my proto-drake.  Onyxia is coming back. I liked her, but I wasn’t in love with her like some people. I was a bigger fan of Ragnaros.  I got my 8.5 chest from collecting badges, I’m an Arcane Mage though…Itemization for Arcane Mages…not so good.


Alot of changes in keeps, and city sieges. I may just be back there yet.

Other MMO’s

Ok I signed up for Champions Online Open Beta. I’m going to check it out. I was looking at all the powers, some cool stuff. I really don’t know what type of hero I want.  I use to play Marvel Heroes Role Playing Game when I was younger, and I remember some of my heroes but in retrospect they were all ripoffs of cooler heroes.   Some of my favorite heroes were, Spiderman, Hulk, and Thor. So I really don’t know where that leaves me with Champions. A Ninja type toon would be cool too.

The Culling:

I deleted some Blogs that haven’t updated in awhile from my ever expansive blogroll. If I deleted yours erroneously, or if you have a blog you want on there let me know. I’ll be happy to toss it on there.

Some Love:

Goes to Bootae for showing me the douchebag, and in general this guy writes real well. Me Riv Grammar not so good, His Good. LOL!  Well go visit him, good funny writer, and show him some High Latency Love Damn it! 

Funny of the Week -

I love me some Monty Python…Romanes Eunt Domus!

Life of Brian Clip

Another Video Clip – Just a Cool as hell looking movie coming out. I am excited like a mofo for it

Ninja Assassin.

Well that does it for me…


6 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. No love for ICP anymore, Rivs? And I thought we were Destruction-bound buddies ;)

  2. I will pray to the Raven God for forgiveness. Fixed

  3. “He blatantly ripped off from my blogsite” poor form, whoever that was. Pretty dumb too. wow blogging community is small. why even bother?

    Cool site!

  4. No sweat, bro. I had to give you a hard time. Wouldn’t be chaos if we weren’t ever-changing.

  5. woooooww very2 thanks to share :P i always came to visit ur blog

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