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New Blizz MMO: The Most interesting thing I read today.

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And I read alot of porn. Paul is talking about the New Blizz MMO

“Yeah, I can’t comment against the game, the level of detail, the business model or any of that stuff. But what I could tell you is that we’re intending to create a game experience that is unlike anything that has ever been done before. Something that I think takes things far beyond what anyone has imagined and certainly anything anyone has executed. I think a lot of people love this product, WoW, and anticipate that they’ll continue to love it and continue to want to play it. When you think about another MMO, if you look at it and say, “Well, you have this game and it’s this amount of money, and you have this game and it’s this amount of money and you have this amount of time, how do those co-exist?” My feeling is, on the business side, there’s always a way to make things co-exist because you know you start looking at, “I want you to be in the Blizzard universe of games.” So you can look at it from the perspective of, “Oh maybe there are different programs where you can have access to all of the things or a certain amount of things.” You just don’t know, and we don’t either.” ~ Paul Sams.


From This Wired News Article Which is an Interview with Paul Sams COO of Blizzard.

WoW: Random WoW Thoughts.

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Random Thoughts.

1. Who coined the phrase Huntard first?  He should get a penny anytime anyone says it….probably be a millionaire.

2. Why do Mages QQ alot?  I play a mage, and I don’t QQ I swear, but damn it really can’t we make….nevermind.

3.  Why are ALL Warlocks asshats?  SUMMONS. Piss off I got portals biotch!

4.  Am I the only one that wants to punch someone in the face when they spell ‘Rogue’…’Rouge’ ?  People PLAY ROGUES, Girls put on ROUGE! Well some guys too, well it matches my lipstick damn it!

5.  Why can’t I name my Water Elemental? I want to name him BedWetter.

6. I’m getting some Arcane Love next patch, who needs Viagra? I sure don’t.

7. Anyone else’s soul eroding when they see “Additional Instances can not be launched” Crap?  I’m getting so DAMN sick of it.

8. Can someone make a Bot for real life. It goes around farm money, and groceries for me, and I can play WoW all the time? I love my job, I just don’t want to do it anymore.

Very Cool Moment.

Ya know I just write this stuff down, I try to do the best I can. It warms my heart when someone points to one of my posts as something worth reading, or one of my posts is used as something to learn from. That’s why I do this, not the comments, not the views of it, but people going…here read this, learn something.

So I can see the incoming, outgoing traffice of my blog. Darksable an officer of Epsilon Guild on Drak’Thul linked a post of mine to a troublesome person. I wanted to say Thank you, and I wish his guild the best of luck.

Weekly Lagout

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Even though Stepfather had a stroke, and I have been practically living at the hospital, and been helping my Mom alot. I was still able to get in some gaming. He’s getting better, and want to thank everyone who gave me well wishes. It will be tougher for him, but he’s a champ. When he came to after he was in a coma like state, the nurse asked him what he wanted he replied, “Gin and Tonic”  That’s a man after my own heart for sure!


Day 34952 still no proto drake, well it seems that long. If I get another Tickling, I swear there will be alot of death spread around the mobs, and alliance of Garona.

I started a Project Genderbender, where I play a little girl in the big wide World of Warcraft. I speak of gender issues, but do I really understand them. They say you should walk in someones shoes to really understand, so I got my heels on and were gonna see how it goes. The questions is how far am I willing to go with this charade?  Do I go full tilt? Anyone have any suggestions.

I have an idea for a couple other projects I’m thinkin about.

Project Epeen – where I act like a total asshat, see how far I can take it.

Project Noob  – Just be a total noob about things see if people are helpful or jerks.


I’m actually itching on going back a little with all the nice changes, and I miss my Chosen a bit. I was looking at my old website, the awesome banner Greg Moran did.   I was thinking of using it for a Fan Fiction website to showcase my work, but I might go full tilt and bring the big armored badass back.  I do miss Greg, he was a good guy, and a good blogger.

Champions Online: Rot in hell you backpeddling mofoes

Aion: Are chicks actually going to play this game? I’m going to stick with WoW right now.

Fallen Earth:  Not for me, I don’t know I don’t get into post-apoc…apoc….after nuclear devasation stuff.  Unless I get to put on a Hockey Mask and ask where the gas is. I don’t think I’ll be playing this game.

Funny of the Week

Stepbrothers – I just love this movie. The funny thing is I got those hulk gloves, their a blast, and funny as hell.

Also this website caught my eye, I added it to the blogroll. WoW Pickup Lines.

“Nice Pant’s. What’s the drop rate?” – Instant Classic.

Some Love -

I’ve been adding alot of blogs to the blog roll, I urge you go show them some love. I can’t name them all, stoopid whiskey. I know I get made fun of from my peers at the size of the blog roll, but I really do read them all. I may not comment all the time, but I got my eye on youz.

Well that’s it for me.

My Ping Sucks….I am Outta Here!

Project GenderBender: Levels 7-9

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Not a dude!

Not a dude!

Someone actually asked me if I was really a girl. I didn’t answer. I really didn’t know what to say. Part of this project is to see if there is prejudice, and if girls are really treated different. So if I blow my cover, there goes the experiment, right? Then again I loathe deception, and don’t want to lie. I must think of something clever to say, something that doesn’t outright say what gender I am.

I took up blacksmithing, and mining. I want to be self sufficient, and I think if I could make my own weapons and armor that would help, plus mining means money.

So I’m grinding near Azure Watch, and I see a gnome run by…then a few minutes later another one.  WTF, GNOMES!!!! they make my skin crawl. Get back to Ironforge yous… 

Also I wanted to post my weekly tribute to Felcia Day. I love her, I really do…not in a lotion in the basket kind of way. More like if I ever talked to her, I think I would pass out kind of way.

Project Gender Bender: Levels 1-6

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This is a dude!

This is a dude!

Ok I picked a server sort of by random. I wanted a busy server that might support a robust community.  I also picked a server there was a blogger on. I won’t reveal that until later when if I do hit 80.

So I created a Female Dranei Paladin, with a nice female name. If your smart you might be able to find me, If you remember there’s a thread in my naming schemata.

So the first 6 levels just grinded it out. At one point a big burly male mage followed me around didn’t say anything to me, probably looking at my booty. I can’t help it that it’s out, and my goat feet make it stick out.

So not much to report so far, kind of makes me sick thinking that maybe males aren’t so bad after all.

General: I am an Attention Whore.

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Hi My name is Riv, and I’m an Attention Whore. I love comments. I love to be adored by the masses. I love getting free stuff from companies (as I hold my shoulder bone from Mythic)

Tobold’s antics to draw attention to himself, and I applaud his efforts. I wish I thought of it. He makes us think and discuss.  He complains he’s not getting comments on his opus of game theory, and he posts something of the wall and get’s a million comments. He wants to be loved, and who doesn’t?

The League of Greater Comment Volume was created, and I support them with all my heart.

Some members include.






Incoming Pull




Overly Positive



If you join the Ranks let me know. As for myself, I can never join, because I am so much more. I go one step beyond as always and will be forming the Attention Whore Union. We seek to get everything comments, page view, and hell yeah get some money for whoring ourselves out.

WoW: Bold Experiment.

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Well I will be making a Worgen who is alliance when the expansion hits. So I want to make a toon, get them to 80, and start getting some heirloom gear.

I thought here’s my chance to run a little experiment, and write my findings. So I’ve spoken about Gender differences in video gaming before. I am going to put the shoe on a different foot now. I have all my MMO history rolled pretty much male toons, so when I speak of gender issues I can only see the male side of things.  So I want to see first hand do females get treated differently or poorly at all in MMO’s

My Experiment: To roll a female toon, a pallie to be specific. So I can heal/tank/dps on a random Alliance server. Try to be gender neutral in the way I act, and do things…to see if I am treated different, or have any bad experiences.

I promise not to giggle alot. :)


** ok maybe not that bold either, but it’ll be fun to see if I get free gold, or hit on at all.

Champions Online: Is dead to me.

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cookie-monster-dietBULL SHIT!

Ok I didn’t get much chance to play this cause of real life stuff, , and I was still thinking about dropping the 60 Bones on the 6 month subscription, well basically I want to get into the STO beta as well.

Listen I am not naive, I know in business there is no honor, but you know shenigans like the one Cryptic pulled pisses me off. Oh there was limited copies of this, and in the same breath saying were now out.  I never seen anything like it before, and it’s shady. How can I give my money to a company if their shady. What will they pull next, stealing my credit card info to buy themselves something nice?

I just can’t support them, and give them any my money. I don’t care if Champions, and STO were the best things since sliced bread.

Looks like it’s Star Wars is about it for me, “Help Me Obi Wan, your my only hope”

WoW: You Are Not Prepared!!!

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Illidan-Stormrage-warglaiveWhen Illidan first uttered these words, he was right I wasn’t at the time. This time it’s going to be different. Ok I’m going to be generous, and say we got a year until the new expansion, possibly more know Blizzard.

Lets take a look at some of the things.

1. Financial

Crafting is going to change forever.

I’m a tailor, they pretty much killed me with the new instance, what clothie will buy an ebonweave robe for 1000g when they can get one for 20 minutes work in the Trials. 

Enchanting, if stats are gone how will this change the landscape. I’m going to try to make as much money as I can. Along with Jewelcrafting, this profession is going to be hosed too.

Should I start buying Intell gems now when they are super cheap? I think I might.

I don’t know the state of Blacksmithing, or LW, but I think their going to be almost same boat Tailoring is.

So to prepare myself, I’m going to start stockpiling scroll enchants that buff basic stats, like Intell, Agil, and Strength, I will also dedicate myself to stockpiling the specialty cloth (Ebonweave/Spellweave/Ect.)   When the expansion starts drawing nearer, and comes out. Stockpile on Bags…new alts means HUGE demand for bags.

2. Badges/Honor/Gold

Just Stockpiling everything, make sure I am honor capped, and badge capped when Expansion hits. Limit Purchases to bare essentials…and that damn egg, that I waste every week. Where’s my damn proto-drake you bastages.

3. Old Content, and Alt Leveling.

  I want to pick a realm and level an Alliance toon on it, so that when the expansion hits if I want to try the Worgen, I won’t be hurting for resources. This way I can also take a look at some old content, take screenies, and say one last farewell to it. Funny as I make fun of Worgen mages, but as a race choice (after looking at the transformation video) They are starting to grow on me. I think a Worgen Warrior would be HOT! 

4. Talent/Spec of my Main Mage.

     Staying Arcane, because it looks like were going to get some love, and staying Frost, because with my current build Stacking Haste, I’ve been rocking out 3k dps, or pretty damn close to it. which is pretty dang good for frost.

5. Raiding/5 man

   Hit the 5 man’s start badgeing up, and as for Raids do it as time permits, but my main goal will acquire badges.

6. PvP -

More…ALOT more.

Sure as Larissa says, it is quite some time away, but I want to be prepared this time.  I don’t want to give Illidan anything to bitch about….

WoW: Cataclysm

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Ironic virtual life, and reality sometimes collide. Thursday my Stepfather had a stroke, forever changing the landscape of my life. A Great Raiding guild’s leader extended an offer to me to join his guild, he reads my blog, and is a fan.  I was deeply honored, but since I am a man of my word I do not take my commitments lightly, as I was mulling over the offer, the tragedy struck.  As I was dealing with this family crisis I came to realize the time I once had may not be there anymore. I had to decline his offer. It broke my heart, but my family comes first above and beyond any game. I hope he understands.

Well as I reading that the face of Azeroth, like my life will be changing drastically. I looked at some of the changes, some I just shirked as meh, others I was like , “WHA??”

I think the biggest is the gear changes, and since I play a mage the biggest is spellpower, mana regeneration, and haste. They are removing spellpower, and MP5. Intelligence and Spirit will now be dictating this, and haste now only affects resource regeneration, like mana will regen faster with better haste.

Well this pissed me off big time, so why am I spending thousands of gold on gems, and enchants when in a short year away it will be useless. I feel sorry for JC’s, this will also effect their business I’m sure. Oh hey no more theory crafting, bye bye such wonderful sites as Elitist Jerks.  Will this be a sticking point of not to play like Critical QQ, no I think not, but it will effect my gold management of future purchases on gems and the like.  I do hate Hit Rating, please remove that stat as well.

Some things really kill me though,

1. Worgen Mages…Are you serious, a wolf in a dress. Will we be waiting for Little Red Riding hood as well. I really weep for my class of choice.

2. Guild Leveling System – Can you say, rip off of WAR, I think I can. This will also crush the smaller guilds, it will change the landscape of guilds of the server of our choice of this is no doubt.

3. Cross server LFG – So I can PUG, and see asshats that can’t stay out of the fire, from different servers. Awesome.  

There’s alot of things going bye bye when the new expansion goes live, the nostalgic in me will be sorry to see it go, but part of me looks forward to this new chapter, and new challenges, which in the real world there will be challenges for me, most of them I am not looking forward to at all.


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