Weekly Lagout

Some Love:

First off this week a friend of mine has passed, his name was Dante. Also another good person,  Gnomer is  going through a rough patch. Let’s keep their families and friends in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


Well some fun this week blog wise. Over At Nimayne Speaks, Tamarind thought to start a comment as a letter, and I thought it was funny to kind of continue the thread in the comments section. Nim returned the favor.

I never got on Blog Azeroth. I should probably stop by and visit. Although I love WoW. I don’t want to get pigeon-holed into one game again. Anywho they have an intiative where you remember old azeroth, or vanilla WoW as they call it. I thought what a great idea. I think I will do something. I’ll call it the Moment of Whoa. Where not just WoW, but other games I sat there in awe of the game.  Also this is a great post from this blog, who I just added to my blogroll.

Other then that grinding the pally, blowing stuff on the mage, and waiting for 3.2 to hit.

Moment of Whoa:

I think alot of the games we play we take for granted all the detail designers put into the game. There are tons of moments I stop and just look around and enjoy the level of detail they put in. Like after I clear an instance, I like to just look around and smell the roses.  There are times though that I’m just stricken with awe by things in the game, where I just stop and go…”Whoa” in my best impression of Neo from the Matrix. One of these moments is my first time on the Tram, it was back when WoW was new.  As I travelling in the pipes under the water, I looked out through the pipes and saw a whole microcosm. Like an aquarium, I was struck byt the level of detail in it. I actually hopped off the tram to take a better look. I started wondering. Where does this pipe lay. I wonder if I could find the pipe from the outside, could I look into anyone traveling the Tram.  Later on in my WoW carreer I would be greeted with many such moments…but this is one of the first.


Gaarawarr Gabs has an awesome intreview with Josh Drescher. I urge you to check it out.

Other MMO:

Bioware is trying to keep hush hush. While a fan is really doing a great job in doing some viral marketing for them. The Great Holocron.

I might give DDO Eberron a shot, hell it’s free. Why not?

Awesome moment of the Week.


Thats all I need to say or show. If your a older geek, or nerd, who was around in 1982 and saw the original, just watching the trailer should be getting you excited. I know I am. Yea thats a tent in my pants….Now What?

I saw Tron when I was 10 years old, my grandma took me. She didn’t know what it was all about. I did though, and since then I loved all things computer.

Well that’s it for me…

MY PING SUCKS!….I’m Outta here!

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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss, I wish you the best during your time of mourning.

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