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WoW: I think it’s time to lay the smack down.

Posted in MMORPG on June 9, 2009 by theerivs

So an old friend turned traitor and went to alliance on the same server as me. Great guy, awesomephoto_1237425844 player…..He has to die now like a dog. 

I got duel spec, so this can be done. I want to spec PvP frost but without losing all my raiding frost goodness. I also need to start acquiring PvP gear. High resilience, and stamina I know are the order of the day.  He plays a shadow priest, so I think he is very..very killable.

If anyone has a frost mage, and can offer some tips please feel free to add them.

Aliens Versus Predator 2

Posted in Gaming with tags on June 8, 2009 by theerivs

Before WAR, Before WoW, Even Before DAOC…there was AvP2, or Aliens Versus Predator 2. This was the last FPS I really got into. I play FPS now, and they are all the same, shoot with the same type guns, maybe a little difference. They just seem so one dimensional. Now AvP2, man you can be an alien, climb walls. Be a Predator, and go invisible, or be a marine, and shoot, or even flamethrow things. It was a game that also had built in competition with 3 different races, each with it’s own ability.

I actually was in a clan back then, it was Hell’s Elite Legion. Man it was good time, I was on the predator squad, and we would go up against other clans, or groups for the pride of being a predator. There was nothing better then being invisible, walking up in back of a marine, and chopping off his head.  It was tons of variety, and it was different. Things that are sorely missing from FPS these days it seems.

For it’s time it was one of the greatest games out there, and I miss that type of game, wish they made more of those instead of. Ok your American, and the other guy is German, and were going to shoot each other with the same guns.

Where’s the Love?

Posted in Gaming with tags on June 8, 2009 by theerivs

Forgot to give some love last week.

WoW: This guy is a gold making guru, and has helped me up my gold making game, so I will see that epic flyer yet. Even though he’s a little callous, and Tobold called him a sociopath, I like the way he thinks. Gevlon’s Greedy Goblin, stop by there and show some goblin love.

WAR: Warhammer Alliance is probably the best place for info, and news about Warhammer. The forums are pretty cool, and the mod’s know their stuff. Show WA some Raven Love, and stop by .

General-  I make a stop at Spinksville daily, well written, and entertaining posts is what keeps me coming back time, and time again. Swing by and show some love.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 5, 2009 by theerivs

Here’s where I sum up the week, and look forward to next week.

Well there was some drama with TechDarling and Ferraro. I guess there’s one thing tougher then being a girl on the internet, and that being a guy pretending to be a girl. In the video, I still maintain thats a damn nightie. We also looked at Guild Loyalty. 


Well business as usual, running ramparts, and doing dailies. I will now be keeping Runecloth drops and selling them, they do make a bit of coin.  I did Ulduar 10 last night, and got a sword called Firesoul, you can look it up yourself. It’s a nice sword though. Hit, Haste, and Lots of Spellpower…it’s nice.  Class make up is huge in Raids, and I think I will cover that a bit next week, as well as upcoming patch stuff as well.


I covered the Patch, and the lack of class changes coming in 1.3, I heard some uncomfirmed reports that some AOE changes may make it in. We’ll see on that. I will be covering that stuff, maybe my new spec, and how it perform in RvR. Gold is it really important in WAR. I think so. We’ll discuss what I do to make money in WAR.

General -

Star Wars released a trailer. It’s just a cinematic, but I can’t get hyped, but it’s hard not to. That was an awesome trailer.

This Week’s Funny Video -

A WoW intervention…with a Twist.

Ok My Ping Sucks, I’m outta here!!!

WAR: Up in arms

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 5, 2009 by theerivs

It seems alot of people are getting upset, and some nerd rage at Mythic for taking out the class changes from the PTS.

Here’s what Mythic said…..

AdamG wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Over the past two weeks, we have been extremely busy working on our Public Test Version (PTS) in preparation for the launch of the 1.3 patch, which includes our first major free content expansion, feature enchantments, career balance adjustments, and a numerous bug fixes. As you are all aware, our PTS server is used not only to test upcoming content for major issues, but to get player feedback on how new features and balance changes will affect how people play WAR. Specifically, we pay careful attention to balance changes and how they affect individual players and the careers they play.

Version 1.3 introduces numerous positive career changes, such as the ongoing Archmage / Shaman revamp, reductions in AoE effectiveness, and smaller targeted improvements to the Rune Priest, Zealot, Marauder, Magus, and White Lion careers; however, we have also found a number of changes to be controversial within the community, including the adjustments to Stat Factors, Healing Effectiveness, and concerns about the Warrior Priest and Disciple careers. Due to the complexity of the changes, it becomes very difficult to simply separate out specific items from the patch without altering other changes in unexpected ways. As a result of this, and to ensure the very best possible patch content, we have decided to split the Career balance changes out of our 1.3 patch. This will allow us to continue working with our Public Test community to further shape the upcoming career adjustments into a more stable, understandable, and fun experience for all.

Career balance changes will be removed from our PTS server starting in Phase 3 of version 1.3 testing, allowing players to focus on testing and feedback for our new Land of the Dead zone. We plan to re-open balance testing for career changes shortly after the release of our 1.3 patch so that we can continue working with the community on these changes and improvements to WAR.

As always, your participation in our Public Test program is a valuable part of developing WAR into the best game experience it can be. Thank you for all of your feedback in phases 1 and 2 of PTS!

Now I for one, am a little upset because alot of classes do need some love. The only reason I came back was that Mythic was putting alot of changes into 1.3, good changes like AOE fixes.  Being that I play a melee class, some thing has to be done, especially about BW’s, they are still out of control. Get one or two working together, and lets just say it’s cooler in the fryer vat at Kentucky Fried.

Here’s what Chosen were facing…..

* Cleave: Fixed a bug that was allowing this ability to be Blocked or Parried when it should have been undefendable.
* Rending Blade: Fixed a bug that was allowing this ability to be Blocked or Parried when it should have been undefendable.
* The following area-of-effect abilities have been adjusted to match the new standard conical area-of-effect: Quake and Warping Embrace.
* The following area-of-effect abilities have been adjusted to match the new standard cleave area-of-effect: Rending Blade.
* The following group effects have been adjusted to match the new standard group AoE: Corrupting Horror, Corrupting Retribution, Corrupting Wrath, Discordant Fluctuation, Discordant Instability, Discordant Turbulence, Dreadful Agony, Dreadful Fear, Dreadful Terror, Tooth of Tzeentch, and Sprout Carapace.
* The following area-of-effect abilities have had their radii reduced: Dire Shielding and Petrify.

A grab bag of alot of good, and some bad. But if it was to align the classes, and the AOE stuff I was all for it. Welp not anymore.
My thoughts. On one hand I understand Mythic was being VERY ambitious with this patch, free content, and all the sweeping changes.  IF they scaled back, and did the stuff they were putting out correctly, and not half assing it. I will forgive them.  If 1.3 is still crap, well they ain’t getting my money no more.

Well as my mammy always said…The proof is in the pudding, and we’ll see when 1.3 rolls out what flavor the pudding is.

Guild Loyalty

Posted in MMORPG on June 4, 2009 by theerivs

A guy recently popped into guild chat lets call him Joe, and a fellow raider let’s call him Bob. I consider Bob a friend, because we help each other out, chew some of the same dirt was upset with this Joe. I guess in my absence for WAR, he left the guild for another server because the guild on my server wasn’t progressing fast enough.

It reminded me of this post by Spinks.

I myself am usually very loyal to my guilds. I help out when I can, I try to show up to events, help out the noobs, etc.etc.

In my 6 years of playing MMO’s was I ever unloyal to a guild.

Well let me tell you my guild history,  I started playing Dark Ages of Camelot in 2002,  because my Aliens vs. Predator 2 ( I LOVED that game)  clan Hell’s Elite Legions started a chapter there, they needed a cleric. I made one.  After a few months, HEL went belly up in DAOC, so a friend from the Battlegrounds, Cely said I should join her guild. Knighthood of the Red Dragon. One of thee premier guilds of Isuelt. It was a great guild and they put up with my stupid noob butt. There was some drama, someone bad got into an officer position, and started doing goofy stuff. So alot of us left, and reformed into Phoenix Ascension, led by a very charismatic leader named Bitaken.  His slogan was, “Guild, Realm, Self”  We as a guild, lived, and breathed it. I forged many friendships through that guild, that  I still mantain today.

There was once, I felt slighted, and I just upped and quit the guild. Bitaken took the time to explain it to me that it wasnt a slight against me, just a mistake by the officers, and he takes full responsibility. That impressed me, I went back into the guild, and I would follow him to the gates of hell if he asked.

Well after awhile, and Trials of Atlantis taste being bad in my mouth. 2004 came about, and I got into World of Warcraft beta. It was great. I told my guild I was going to be leaving them for this game. I was sad, but I loved WoW even back then.

World of Warcraft came, and eventually so did my guild we had some trials and tribulations on our home server Garona, but under Bitaken’s leadership we did quite well. We were a PvP centric guild. We all started Alliance, but when the BGs came out, we all made the switch to horde.  It was good times. Molten Core Raids, and Alterac Valley Routings. Then people started to get burned out. Alot of people left, including Bitaken to play DAOC again. We were leaderless, and I didn’t really know what to do. Join another guild or what?

At this time I started working for a new company, and alot of them played WoW as well. They talked me into going with them on Thunderlord a PvP server. It was a guild called Kindred Spirits.   (Yeah thats a youtube video of us)  A great guild, serious raiders, we eventually got BWL on farm, started doing AQ.  I made some serious friends there as well. Great times.

Then it happened, Burning Crusades killed the 40 man raids, people started feeling they were left out, left for other guild. Kindred Spirits was no more. Meanwhile Bitaken and crew came back to WoW. So I dusted off my Garona toons and went back.

Good times again, but we weren’t making any progression, and PvP was not what it should be with WoW. We merged with another guild. Things weren’t working there for me, and this is the only 3rd time I quit a guild.  Bitaken took more of a backseat to things, and eventually left MMOing because it was effecting his personal life. There was some drama with old school PA members and new guild members. Just alot of drama. So I walked away.

Eventually everyone did to, they formed Blight. my current guild, which I joined. I didn’t stay long. Alot of my old PA buddies went to WAR. Where I play with Einherjar. There was a time with Einherjar when I was running more with another guild called Jaded Souls. I felt bad because I didn’t run things with them as often as I should. Lost Vale at the time was is a very intense dungeon, and with a regular crew learning the strats and working on it. It was just easier. I was thinking of leaving Einherjar for Jaded, but decided to wait. I did and with the fall out of WAR, alot of the Jaded people I played with no longer play. So good thing I decided to stay. I too got burnt out on WAR.

I then went back to WoW and Blight, I noticed alot of new faces, I was going to leave Blight to join an old PA guildie, but I saw a couple old friends still play with Blight, and so decided to stay.

My whole point of this long diatribe, is it isn’t the guild tag I am loyal too. It’s the people. The people that work, and work with me to improve themselves as gamers. The leaders who invest in us, and themselves to strive.

I think that’s what wrong with MMO’s today, it’s all about the better gear,  more coin, or themeselves now.  We need to get back to the way it was, “Guild, Realm, Self”

WoW:How I make a quick 100 gold.

Posted in MMORPG on June 3, 2009 by theerivs

As one who is trying to make some money, I get sick of doing dailies. Heres one thing I do to make some extra money.

Run Ramparts Solo

I use my level 80 mage, specced frost.  I make sure I got plenty of bagspace. He is a disenchanter, but if your not thats ok. Kill everything.

Average Time: 15-20 minutes.

Average Gold : 60-80g. More if you disenchant, and Auction shards, and dust, usually upwards of 100 gold. I don’t try to sell the cloth but you do get alot of Runecloth, and Netherweave..usually 1-2 stacks.  

- It’s a short dungeon, quick in and out, and decent haul for the time invested, and as the Goblins say “Time is money, friend”

Other Stuff

I also ran a quick Mongoose enchant run, killed Attuman, and Moroes took 10 minutes. Mongoose enchant is said to drop 100% now, and it’s still a very viable enchant. I ran it with 5 people, and I got 2 purples, I made like 30 gold for 10 minutes worth of work, and a chance at Mongoose, and I want that horse mount. So another older instance you might want to look at.

The Drama

Well it looks like the Drama over at TechDarling still persists. I actually am well aware of TechDarling, I use to read TomsHardware site religiously, though not so much these days. I would spend to much on stuff I don’t need. So I stopped looking at the site, only when I need to buy something. It was funny, most WoW people knew Ferraro and his/her site more, but I was more familiar with Tech Darling.  I use to play a pallie a long time ago, and I got burnt out. So I revile anything in Pallidom.

I think the bigger news is she’s a Mac person…for shame….for shame….

WoW: Instant Frustration in Instances.

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 2, 2009 by theerivs

Last night downed Kel’thuzad for the first time on 10 man, interesting fight, very mana intensive. I stayed with my frost build, I actually didn’t do too bad. Just right behind the Warlock barely in DPS. We downed him…and I got nothing. But thats ok, a guildie who needed tier 7 got it. I really didn’t need it at all. I got the Cowl of Vanity which I think even though it looks ugly as hell is better then the tier 7 helm for a mage.

So that being quick, me and a few guildies wanted to do Kara real quick to try to get Mongoose Enchant, we heard it’s 100% chance to drop off Moroes now, and maybe the Attumen horse mount.  We try to enter we get  something to the tune, I don’t remember exact wording but it was like  “Additional Instances cannot be started, please try again”

We tried, and tried, and after 40 minutes we gave up.  This is really aggravating if I can’t do what I want in an MMO, like run an instance. Why am I paying them? I was very angry.

So I took it out on Darkshire. Funny thing happened a priest that I saw the other day I was wiping Southshore out, showed up. In Southshore we wiped the Alliance good.  I wonder if he is an self proclaimed protector.  He got me in Darkshire, to be honest I’m not a PvP mage. My skills are concentrated for raiding, though that might change. I am thinking of doing a PvP spec, and see how I fair, plus I have no resilience.  I just thought it was very interesting that I saw the same priest two times in a row. Maybe I’ll take out another random alliance town, see if he shows up.

In other slightly less interesting news the Ferraro drama is still going here’s a reply to all of this from the girl who s/he stole the pictures from. Maybe she is the same person, and this drama is all made up to increase visibility or something. What I know is the Internet is filled with liars, one more or less is not going to change things.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 2, 2009 by theerivs

I saw this trailer, and I wanted to pick up a lightsaber and kill some Jedi myself. I really have to resist the hype, the thing I fall in love with is the cinematic, then it’s all down hill from there. I fell in love with the WAR cinematics, and well they never quite live up to the game. I’m still waiting for my catapulting Orcs.

Here’s the new trailer, what do you think?


My Hate For Achievements and Those Pills Don’t Make Anything Bigger.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 1, 2009 by theerivs

From Army of Darkness, army-of-darkness-bruce

“Are all men from the future loud mouth braggarts???”

“Just me baby, just me!’


Ok in WAR they got the Tome Unlocks, in WoW they have Achievements. I really don’t care for either. I know what I did in my gaming career, you can tell who I downed by my gear. Does it really matter that I downed a certain boss in 10 minutes, or that I got 50 pets.

Now I do like titles, I think those are cool. I wear my “Trendy” title with pride in WAR, and I have yet to get a cool title in WoW…no I’m not getting the “Jenkins” title. Bleh!

Luckily WAR doesn’t broadcast your Tome Unlocks, think I would of stopped playing by now.  When people in my guild get an achievement, everyone congratulates them, not me. I say, “Meh”  It’s not a big deal.  Don’t worry I’m not a big fan of the XBOX achievements either.

Lies are aplenty in the world of the Internet, I found it mildly interesting that a somewhat famous blogger got caught in this huge lie.  He/She was posing as a girl employee of blizz, turns out she might be a he, and the girl in the pics is from another blog.  Here’s more info on it. From Warlock Therapy, and Tobold.

My stance is this the internet is full of lies, and nefarious things, hell I’m actually a golden retriever that learned how to type. If the info this fake person about WoW was true, and her strats worked, does it really matter WHO she is. Why were you reading that site, to learn strats or find out what size bra she had?

Matrix said that there is no spoon, and guess what there isn’t, and those little pills that you get spammed about making your male genitalia bigger. Don’t work.

In other news,

In WoW I decided my gear didn’t have the Crit needed to go to FFB spec, so I’m back to Arcane 57/3/11 spec, and I enjoy the hell out of it. Except the Kel’thuzad fight. Thats a long fight, and I’m having mana issues, and had to switch to my Frost spec. I’ll have to think of something about that.

In WAR, just did some scenarios no biggie, won some….lost some.


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