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WoW:Why even have different sides?

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 30, 2009 by theerivs

The World of Warcraft is abuzz as is the blogosphere. Soon they will allow you to switch sides to another server. I have mixed feeling on that. At one point I had a lot of friends on alliance side PVP server, while I had a bunch of toons on a horde side PVE server. I could of used this service years ago, even getting a sex change to boot. LOL!

Putting my own selfish desires aside, I don’t think is such a good idea. You have racials to think about, you have balance to think about. This could tear apart guilds, and decimate a low population side on a server more then it is.

Then I thought, Why fricking even have different sides, why the pretense of different sides. Just remove the Horde/Ally thing, and make one big side. 40 people instance up and beat on each other no matter the side.  I think we started heading down this path when Horde got Pallies, and Alliance got Shamans.

I remember a time battling it out at the Crossroads, and then when BG’s came out when it was just our server, battling it out tooth and nail…why? Because I was Horde. I screamed “For The Horde” over Vent. I took pride in my Realm I chose. Those days are long gone.

As for now those friends that played on the other server don’t play any longer, I am still on the same server, playing my Forsaken Mage. Which whom I really dig, I like the Forsaken Lore, and way of thinking. I’ll be sticking to my guns.

But I tell you what, somtimes I feel there really is no War in the World of Warcraft.

Happy Birthday Abe!

Posted in General on June 30, 2009 by theerivs

birthday1006Abe aka Pikall is one of those guildies that just make a MMORPG fun. I come to realize that MMO’s isn’t about all the min/maxing, or how your gemmed. It’s about skilled players, that are fun to play with like Pikall.  The toon Pikall plays the most is his Treetard, and better one I have never seen. He know his healing job well, always knows the strats. More then that just an upbeat, fun person.

I’m wishing him a Happy Birthday, and a Thank you for making WoW a little more fun to play.

As for your gift you know where to find it, my front pocket…dig deep.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 26, 2009 by theerivs

Alot of stuff happened this week that not only shocked me, and some of it really depressed me.  Bioware, and Mythic merged, Mark gone, Land of the Dead is here in full swing. We say goodbye to a long favorite blogger, and finally the quest for a dragon continues in WoW.


As I play Land of the Dead, I am really having some fun defending the Warcamp when Order takes over. The PQ’s are fun so far. The gear, and weapons are interesting, and I haven’t even started messing with the apothocary stuff.  We’ll see where this takes me. I have a new goal I want to reach at least Renown Level 70, I know it will take me some time, but goals are nice. Something to shoot for.


Now that I got my epic flyer, I really want a proto-drake. Not to crazy about the regular dragons in WoW, they look goofy in my humble opinion. The only ones that do look good are the older, more ancient dragons. The undead dragon looks cool that they gave out as an award for gladiators, but I doub’t I’ll get that anytime soon.  Other then that it’s been really slow in WoW. Summertime duldrums, not to mention I’ve been a little bit busy so that I couldn’t raid all that much.  Kinda waiting to hit the raiding, and 5 mans hard when 3.2 comes out, so I’m going to chill a bit, and take it easy. Maybe actually do an alt. We’ll see.

Some Love …

Chaos and Change go hand in hand in my life, virtual, and real. So when things change I’m not surprised nor really get upset. Still there are times when I wish things didn’t change. I really want to give some Raven Love to Greg aka Rackham, over at Tome of Knowledge.  Without him snazzing up my first Blog with this awesome banner.  I don’t think I would have the readers I would, cause really presentation is alot in this world. Greg was one of the first WAR blogs I started reading, his webcomics made me laugh. I heard he did a banner for another blogsite, so I took a chance and asked him, and I even offered money. He refused, and did that awesome banner.  I wish Greg the best in whatever he does, I hope he stays in touch. He also has his own portfolio site check it out at Feystruck.  Good Luck Greg. \salute

Weekend Funny:

Global Agenda – No Elves


Next Week:

New Patch in WoW what does it mean to Mages, also more Land of the Dead. Aion do I play it or not. More Star Wars stuff coming I hope.


My Ping Sucks, I’m Outta Here.

MMO: Huge News

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags , , on June 24, 2009 by theerivs

EA Mythic and Bioware. The News, or Here.  Snaffy’s take is really good too.

Lets start with Mark, love him or hate him, I think he was a pioneer. Mythic did something with MMO’s that was pretty unique back in the day. I think the direction he took with WAR was slightly wrong. He didn’t want a DAOC 2.0 with WAR IP. I think that might of been a mistake. Personally I liked him, and his company tried to do. I don’t know the reason Mark Jacobs is really leaving did he get canned, or did he step down. Maybe he’ll let us know through his blog, maybe he can’t say. I did post a nice message for him. He dedicated many years to gaming, and I hope he lands on his feet.

Now with the merger, I really don’t know what to think. Will Bioware help out WAR at all? Is everyone aligning forces to take down WoW? How will this effect Old Republic. Whatever the case this is huge. I look forward to see what develops.

Casual vs. Hardcore

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 23, 2009 by theerivs

Krizzly has a great post on his blog..Also Euri has something as well to say about it.   It made me think. Where do I fit into this MMO world I am a part of. I am no hardcore player, I don’t have the latest and greatest enchants. But I am exalted with Sons of Hodir in WoW. My gear is not the top of the line, but I do have a Darkpromise Chest from Lost Vale in WAR.

I lie somewhere inbetween I guess. That grey zone of players that have some sort of skill, don’t stand in fires, and once in a while goes pew pew. I am the player that wants to win, wants to beat the boss, wants to be recognized as a good player, but doesn’t want to sacrifice going out on a Saturday night to get piss drunk, and dance with some hottie.

In MMO’s over time tend to make things easier on everybody. If you hardcore that means what makes you special, your gear, where you at on progression, etc.etc. is going to be stripped away from you. You will no longer be special, there will be 80 other mages with your gear, or 80 other tanks.

Listen if I worked hard and became a supervisor at work, then 8 months later someone off the streets came in and became a supervisor as well. I would be upset, I understand. You worked hard to get your just desserts, and someone who didn’t put time and effort is right where you are at, now.

Now here’s the problem, this is not real life. It’s a game. It’s like getting mad if you were the shoe, and the top hat reach go before you on less rolls. It’s silly.

Bottomline play the game that you enjoy, you want to grind out Hodir rep please do so, you want to live in Lost Vale, be my guest. Have fun the way you want to have fun, and I’ll have fun the way I want to.  If your not having fun, if it’s too easy, quit griping, don’t play, stop paying the game company.

Let me put it this way there are alot more casuals then hardcore players, and to quote Spock, “The needs of the many, outweigh the need of the few, or one”

Ok where do I fit in, I would say I am on the upper echelon of casual, because I know what I’m doing somewhat, I have the skills, and some of the stuff to become hardcore, just not the time, nor all of the tools to become hardcore.

In WoW, I would like a method to upscale tokens say two valors for a conquest. In WAR the Sigil System is really a good idea, I think they are on the right track with that.

As for being Elite, Oh I am cause I’m a cocky S.O.B. :)


*** Special Note: Happy Birthday to the Pikall. A guildie, and good player, he’s ok for a dbag.

WoW: Your banned for outsmarting Blizzard.

Posted in MMORPG on June 22, 2009 by theerivs

This kind of Nazi tactics by blizz really pisses me off.  If an encounter is being exploited, then they need to a hot fix, and end the exploitation. Not ban people, for trying a tactic they saw on the web.  Was it wrong? No I don’t think so. But it boils down to it’s Blizzards game they can do what they want, it reminds me though of the kid who got angry and took the ball home.  So the player outsmarted the developer, you get banned. What kind of message does that send me.  I can’t try to do content with less people. I can’t be inovative. Maybe I should stop farming Strat solo, it’s not how the content was supposed to be played.  I’m curious as how long that method took, if it takes a long time to do it with that method, or not? Anyway everyone knows Flame Leviathion just drops those damn trinkets everytime, who cares let them have it.

Other news didn’t do much, collected my auctions, I sold my stock of Titanium bars at an AWESOME price with recent news about prospecting.  Kinda sour wish I would of bought more when the prices were lower.  Flying around on my new epic carpet, singing “A Whole New World” From Aladdin.

Still grinding Undercity Rep, I want a title. No I will not get the “Jenkins” title either. Rivzok of the Undercity, just has a nice ring to it.

Weekly Lagout

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 19, 2009 by theerivs

Well interesting week….

WoW - We made enough gold to buy my epic mount, and I did make a Magnificent Flying Carpet. It’s awesome, I got a very unique item that turns me into an ape in a bubble. I also encountered a ninja, which I havent seen in a looooongg while. Ran some dungeons with some guildies leveling some alts. Overall a good week….and I’m back to being a good old Arcane Mage, feels like home

WAR- Got the new patch, played it not really impressed all that much. I’m still examining it. I hope when the gates to AQ, er I meant LotD open it will be worth it.

Future Games - The more I read, and see about Aion, the more I think I might try it out. The graphics look pretty damn good, and the concept interesting, plus I have a thing for Hot Asian Chicks…I can’t help it I watched Shogun once too many times.

What can I say about the Old Republic, well let me put it this way, I can’t say anything without frothing at the mouth in ecstatic joy. With the Trailer, Syp writing some great posts, not once, but twice. and Overly Positive writing some good stuff about this game, and a slew of other information coming out. I am trying to resist getting all hyped up about this game, but it’s hard. I can’t wait to wield my lightsaber, and beat some jedi arse.  Being the Sith that I am, patience is not my strong suit.  

Some Love.

WAR – The Homunculus is just an awesome blog, he is very talented, and his writing is humorous to boot. Plus his byline I so very much love. ” The little man inside your head that tells you to serve Chaos”..instant classic. Give him some Raven God Love.

WoW – Crits and Giggles blog is very much the style i like, low key, casual, easy going without losing his commitment to the goals at hand, or his skill and talent. Just the type of player I think Trout is. Haven’t checked him out do so, and show him some Arcane Love.

General – Syp is the man, I started reading Syp a long…long time ago with his WAR blog, but now he’s got a general gaming blog and I love his stuff even more. Well go check out the Bio Break…on your next Bio Break if you got an Iphone or something. Give him some Latency Love for me.  

Some Funny Stuff -

Doorhammer: The Age of Carpentry


Ok that it for this week, To all the Dad’s and to my Dad as well Have a Happy Fathers Day, and have a save one too. With that.

My Ping Suck…I’m outta here.

WoW: All that glitters is not gold.

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 19, 2009 by theerivs

With the help of Gevlon at the Greedy Goblin, and sites like Just My Two Copper. I took 300 gold, after working the auction house for a little over a month am sitting on a pile of gold 8k to be exact and I still have alot of auctions still not in. Most of this gold was gathered just with playing the auction house a total of 10 minutes a day, some of it was through dailies, but alot of that went to skilling up my enchanting, and consumables/repairs for raids. Tonight I will be purchasing my Epic Flying Mount.  When I reached 5k, I wanted a little buffer zone so not to be broke after purchasing a mount. So this marks one accomplishment I wanted to do when I came back to WoW, but I’m not quite done. I want more, alot more…I want to be swimming in gold. Muhahhaa

Err, Ah Anywho sorry lost my greed filled mind for second,  I just wanted to give credit where credit is due, Thanks Gevlon, and JMTC.

WoW: Badges, Some Mount Ideas, and other random goodness.

Posted in MMORPG with tags on June 18, 2009 by theerivs

Seriously I got like 100 badges+ of heroism, and 30 champion seals burning a hole in my pocket, I could save the champion seals for some fluff, maybe a mount or something though tell you the truth I rather ride a phallic looking broom around then that hippogryph. Night Elf’s can keep those things, though an Argent Griffon for a Forsaken would be HAWT!.

My major concern is the Badges of Heroism. Theres nothing I want, I think I might buy some topaz for a flying carpet, or an orb once in awhile, but I hope next patch we get some new gear to buy with badges.

I was thinking about mounts the other day. The mammoth not really a cool mount. I love my Forsaken Horse, it looks evil. I was think what would be cool to have, and evil too.  Here’s some ideas.

1. Scorpion – How bad ass would this mount be.

2. Giant Raven - A really cool Flying Mount, almost had it with the one from the Druid Quest that dropped.

3. Triceratops – Coolest Dinosaur evah!

4. Black Widow Spider – I think these would make a real cool mount.

5. Gaseous Form/Cyclone/Wings – Like you would turn into or bottom half would turn into gas, or cyclone form thing, maybe like a Genie of the bottle, or actually grow a pair of wings like a demon.

6. A Fel Reaver – How cool would it be to drive around in one of those things.

Just some thoughts I tossed out there if you got a cool mount idea please share it.

Some random goodness. Turns out that the Ninja Mystresdeath is still in the guild Band of Blood last time I checked, no problem I’ll let it slide nothing I really can do. Sure I could post something on public forums, start some drama, and get flamed to high holy hell, but why bother.  I was in Orgrimmar and someone from Band of Blood asked me for a Portal. I just laughed to myself. I was like, “Ah no cause I don’t like Band of Blood”  He was like why, ” I said as long as that ninjaing Mystresdeath is in your guild, no one from BoB, will get a portal from me. I’m putting you on ignore now.”

It felt good, a little. Petty I know, but I don’t care.

One last thing I switched back to Arcane, I just don’t have the gear for FFB maybe or something, but in an heroic Violent Hold, a Ret Pally almost beat me in DPS….that just ain’t happening. I was near 2k only. On a heroic thats horrible imo, even if I am spamming blizzard, the bosses should be making up for that.


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