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High Latency Living - 

I know a little early, but I have the day off tomorrow, so I’ll be playing video games in my underwear.  I think Wildstar Beta is open THIS weekend, so hopefully I’ll get some time in there. I will also be working on an alt, either a shaman or warrior.  Always looking for fun xmogs, and more gold too.

High Latency Love - 

My brother in arms is going through a rough patch. Scarybooster I hope he feels better soon, He hasn’t posted in his blog for a bit cause he’s in hiatus, but that doesn’t matter. He has earned my respect, and loyalty so I got his back each and every time, still go over to his blog and show him some god damn love. Donkey show for life! LOL!


High Latency Laugh - 


With that..



Loot the Dogs

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jaina-proudmooreIf you were a Molten Core raider, and you didn’t hear this screamed over your headset, you were missing out I think. As a former raider back in the Vanilla/BC/Wrath days I kind of fell out of the loop. Since my PvP clan has gone to greener pastures mainly ESO, I thought to try to pick up raiding again. Luckily I won Kurn’s Guide to Raiding. I won by posting my first purple the Axe of the Deep Woods, which my friend and Guild Leader gave my Orc Tanking Warrior back in the day…like way way back in the day.  I thought one good turn deserves another, so let me tell you a bit about the guide.

This isn’t really a review, reviewing the great writing Kurn does would be like a caveman teaching a physics class. The writing is top notch. It kept my interest with not only tips, and pointers but Kurn shared stories of her raiding days which made it that much more interesting. That brings the guide home, Kurn wasn’t perfect but it’s that striving for perfection that made her a great raider, and guild leader. She’s not afraid to shy away from her failures, but those failures we’re the key to her success.

True there was some bits where I thought it was common sense, but then I thought back to my days of raiding hardcore, and say to myself some raiders may need a dose of common sense. Also it isn’t laden with specs, and stats and with WoD coming out it shouldn’t be about that, but Kurn gives great places on to where to look for these things, some I have heard about, some I haven’t.

I thought the guide itself was great, and if your serious about raiding, or leading a guild I urge to check her out at http;//kurn.info

Tell her Riv sent you!

I Fight the Long War

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Iron_WarriorAs some of you may know, or not know I love Warhammer, and Warhammer 40k. So I was chomping at the bit for any info regarding this game. I reached out to Behaviour about their game Warhammer 40k : Eternal Crusade.  I hope this is part of a series as we build up to game launch so I started with some easy questions to get you acquainted with what is going on. So Mathieu Fecteau was gracious enough to answer these questions.

1. Who are you, and what is your role with Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade? My name is Mathieu Fecteau. I’m associate producer on the project

2. I see 4 races, (Ork, Space Marine, Eldar, Chaos Space Marine), Will there be more at launch or is that all you are shooting for? The launch will included those 4 races as playable factions. But you will also encounter Tyranids on the battlefields of Arkhona !

3.  Can you tell me are there any future races planned, like the Tau? Post launch, of course we will release more races. But nothing have been confirmed officially.

4.    I see factions are discussed a bit, will you be able to play as an Iron Warrior or Space Wolf?  Space Wolf is already a sub-faction of the Space Marines planned at launch. The Space Marines faction will also include the following chapters: Blood Angel, Dark Angel and Ultramarines. For the Chaos Space Marines, the legion included at launch are the Word Bearer, the Black Legion, the Nightlord and the Iron Warrior.

5I hear mention of vehicles, will you be able to play as a Dreadnought? Not at launch, but who knows after :)

6.  Can you wet my readers whistles, and give us any tidbits of what the Founders Packs may include? We are moving full steam ahead on the Founder’s program production. Tones of reveal are coming very soon. But I can tell you you will be able to equip your characters with rare weaponry, unlock specific heroes and may have some pre-heresy content. The creation of the strike forces are also part of it. More to come !

7.Will we see any levels involving Titans? Not at launch, but who knows after

8.   I know you guys are really busting your humps with this, and it appears a lot of it is a labor of love. Are you folks big Warhammer 40k fans? Personally, I’m a Warhammer 40,000 fan and player since the 3rd edition back in early 2000. On the team, we have a couple of fans and players. And some of the team members are becoming fans too.

9.  I heard Games Workshop can be a burden to work with, how have they been?  It is a pleasure to work directly with them. Of course they can be picky, but they want to protect their licence and this is understandable. I won’t say they are a burden to work with, in fact when you also know the licence and want a good product, they are very happy to help !


I would like to thank Mathieu, Behaviour, and the people working on Eternal Crusade, and I hope to hear more from them in the weeks, and months to come.

Iron Within!…Iron Without!

The WoD Checklist

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undead-warlockWell Warlords of Draenor is months away doesn’t mean I can’t get prepared. Cause I don’t want another Illidan yelling at me about how unprepared I am.

So here it it.


Warlords of Draenor Checklist.

1. Gold – I would like to have at least 100k on both sides of Alliance and Horde, more would be better but I want that at least.

2. Gear – I don’t want the top gear, and I’m not going to kill myself to get the best because I know when WoD comes out the gear game starts anew.

3.Transmog – Get some more cool transmog gear for all my toons.

4. 2 Toons for each side – Make sure I got toons ready on Alliance side, and Horde side

5. Find a new horde home – I got a couple horde toons I want to work on I need a new home, a level 25 guild to help leveling.

6. Level a  Toon to 60 – I want to boost a Toon on Alliance side with Jewelcrafting/Enchanting

7. More Mounts – I gotta collect’em all.

8. Pre-order WoD – To get boost, and raven mount, money’s a tosh tight right now but I’m gonna do it.

So that’s what I got to keep me busy, I think I’ll be OK


Not So Wild

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1545866_10152110761373486_393519467_nWell it was a Wildstar Beta Weekend, and I wish I can say I was impressed, and loved it with all my heart….but I can’t. I had a few issues with it, but I admit I only created a bunch of toons, and played the starting zones.

Graphics -

Now my computer is starting to be long in the tooth, so I get the graphics were jenky, and I had to dumb everything way down…maybe I have some more tweaking but the graphics were still a little jenky. For example models flickering, and cut scenes looking askew. This wasn’t the only fact that didn’t impress me about Wildstar.


WoW is cartoony, Wildstar is a out and out cartoon you can play. That’s the art style I get it, but if you don’t like hyper reality of your men and women, then you won’t like this, what I mean is all the women have big boobs, with big butts, and all the men are Arnold clones. I liked the art style it was like playing a cartoon from my youth. The races/classes/ paths were pretty cool, and you get to customize a lot of your toon. The problem I have is you can customize you face nine ways to Sunday, why can you customize your body a bit. I would of really liked some body customization if your going to go through all that work to let people do  it to your face.


 Starter Zones -

Really on rails alot which I’m used to now thanks to WoW and goblins, and worgens. Doesn’t mean I still have to like it. It makes for alts very boring, and tiresome. Everyone starts at the same place to for each faction. I would of like some different starting zones to mix it up for the alts.

Combat - 

I actually liked this it seemed fast paced, and there was a lot going on, alot of movement involved. I need to play around more with it..but so far I liked it.

Overall - 

It wasn’t a bad game, I won’t condemn it. It needs some polish but it’s in Beta, and there were some good points. I don’t think I’m hopping aboard some hype train and pre-ordering just yet. I’ll keep my eye on it though as it does have some merit.

Weakly Lagout

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High Latency Living - 

I got into Wildstar Beta…so that pretty much sums up this weekend. Might bounce into WoW a bit try to make some more gold.

High Latency Love - 

Been awhile since I shown a longtime friend some love Pitrelli, go show the Keyboard Warrior some love.

High Latency Laugh - 

We’re all Noobs. 

With that…


Don’t Be Jell

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download (4)So I got a Wildstar Beta, and there’s a beta weekend this weekend. So I am excited, but don’t be all ‘jellin I got it. I’ll fill you in what I’m up to.

Why Wildstar and not ESO? 

I never been a huge ESO fan, from The first Elder Scrolls games to Skyrim..Oh I tried just couldn’t get into them. Don’t know if it’s the UI. First person throws me in RPGs looking at you Ultima Underworld.  I just prefer third person view thanks to my long run with that view in MMO”s. I hear you can run in third person, but there are some other issues like lore. Some reason just didn’t get into the lore either. I can go on but I digress.

Which side will I choose? 

Well I’m Lawful Evil, so going Dominion, and probably start off as a Cassian.

What class? 

Warrior- Tank. I played a Tank in almost every MMO I played. I love being a respected member of the group.

What Path? 

Looking at Soldier – Holdout – Protect seems like the path to go for a Tank.


Things may change once I get into the game, and see how it plays. Hell even to see if I like it or not. I am looking forward to it though, I hope it turns out well.





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